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Creating Harmony
of Time

The long beloved Shin-Kabukiza Theatre of Osaka’s Namba
district finds new life as Hotel Royal Classic Osaka Namba.

Inheriting the design along with the sense
of the presence of the Theatre,
we create a harmony of time – the past,
present and future; bringing the guests’ hearts

together, and offering constant, steady comfort and hospitality.

Hotel Royal Classic Osaka.
Located at the center of Namba district,
Hotel Royal Classic Osaka Namba welcomes you with a pleasant surprise of tranquility and exquisite atmosphere.

A hotel that connects time,
people and towns.

Our passion A bright place for everyday use

The hotel is located at a perfect location right in front of Namba Station, the terminal in Osaka Minami Area. Our passion is, while enjoying the good location where you can feel the warmth of the city full of energy and festivity, to offer you a sense of comfort and relaxation as if you were coming home.

By limiting the number of rooms to 150, we value the distance between each customer, and we welcome you with our heart-warming hospitality that goes beyond just following the manual.While making you satisfied with such extraordinary comforts, we also make this place comfortable for you to visit with a sense of the everyday.Precisely because it is a newly born hotel, we value the hotel service with the customer's perspective that does not fit in the traditional style. We commit to working hard to be a great hotel, and making a place where one day we can hear that customers want to come back again.

Location With the city of Namba
that pioneered and nurtured
Japanese town culture

Namba has a long history that flourished as a play and commercial town where people gathered since the Edo period. We still have maintain this culture, and you can see a variety of performing arts and traditional culture, such as the National Bunraku Theater, the base of traditional performing arts, Hozenji Yokocho, the stage of novels, and numerous theaters.Also, there are high-brand tenants lined up as trendsetting areas for youth, and in recent years, Namba Station, an Asian gateway directly connected to Kansai International Airport, has established itself as an international tourist destination.

Furthermore, in the Namba area, there are some areas with a high concentration of unique restaurants such as “ZAURA” and “URA NAMBA”, that help city evolve and grow ever more vibrant.As a hotel that was born on the site of Osaka Shin Kabukiza Theatre, while inheriting that tradition, we would like to be in close contact with the community in various scenes and create a new era with this town.

MUSEUM The “Museum Hotel”
that emphasizes quality and connoisseurs

We have carefully focused on the details of the design in order to create a high-quality space where guests can comfortably spend time.

For example, we are persistently aware of fine details such as the door knobs, faucets, and lighting of the guest rooms. We offer a setting that will satisfy customers who are oriented towards a more natural environment.

Also, through our relationship with art galleries, there are heart-soothing artworks displayed throughout the building. Among them, high-class works worth more than tens of millions of yen naturally blend in, making a space that can truly be called a museum hotel.