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Let's walk! ZAURA MAP

The Minami area of Osaka is a conglomeration of things to experience. The area cannot be bested when it comes to offering eateries boasting carefully crafted Osaka cuisine and international cuisine alike, catering to the ever-growing number of sightseers. Eat your way through this gourmet village!

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KAIZOKU Oysters and Clams Osteria Italiano RAKURAKUZA Italian Bar PIENO Bistro Olive HONDENA SAI 最 Zaura Shop AHONDARA HASEDON Sumibi-Yakitori ENYA Pizzeria & Bar LOGiC Namba store YASUDAYA Sennichi-mae main store Kushikatsu Sakura - Nankai Namba branch restaurant GEMS NAMBA Ga-meshi FUJIWARA BUTAMARU38 beers&bar NOLA Thai Restaurant KYON KYON ANTICA OSTERIA DAL SPELLO Luv Wine Namba SUSHI&GRILL 創蔵 -SOUYA- Offal Yakiniku Shichifuku Zaura Main Shop SHUBO ICHIFUJI Nanbantei GENJI SOBA ENO café HOMIBING Osaka-Namba CHIBO Diversity Dotonbori Bldg. Shop ~Muslim & Vegetarian Friendly~ RAMEN HONOLU Osaka Namba Shop Osaka Everest Spice Mart & Halal Food Namba Parks-mae Store

Meet with delicacies.

Hit the town to find delicacies on menus overflowing with the originality of the owners and special tastes unable to be found elsewhere.



A teppan hotplate izakaya on the street behind HOTEL ROYAL CLASSIC OSAKA. The shop gets its name from the shop's famous garlic-flavored buckwheat and rice. The special fat noodles add a special atmosphere from their sound and smell when cooked right beside the counter in the back.

Tsukimi-hamburg tama, with hamburger patty and a fried egg over an okonomiyaki pancake. Garlic buckwheat and rice fried in seseme seed oi



A BBQ restaurant specializing in pork. Regardless of origin, meats are directly purchased the morning of, for the freshest meats at the lowest prices. The menu is diverse, with everything from a hard-to-find offal set, to the famous Butamaru stewed meat and Samgyeopsal popular with ladies. Add rice or noodles to the Pork chiritori for a super finish! (from JPY380 per person)

Pork chiritori hot pot with habit-forming sweet and spicy sauce JPY980 per person (picture is 2 servings). Tongue steak from the softest part at the base of the tongue, limit of 5 servings a day JPY680, luxuriously thick-cut.

beers & bar NOLA


About 100 different kinds of beer, selected by the beer-loving owner. A line-up of beers from Germany, England, Belgium, the United States, and Japan for beer beginners and aficionados alike. Snacks are primarily spicy and punch-packing bites from the US and Mexico which go well with beer.

Refreshing and smooth Bitburger from Germany JPY1,000. Buffalo chicken wings JPY500. Chorizo quesadilla "Choriqueso" JPY500.

Thai Restaurant KYON KYON

Thai Food

This atmospheric Thai restaurant offers outdoor seating facing the street. It is easy to eat, the original Thai flavors having been studied and adjusted to Japanese tastes. The top recommendation is mu kratha, a hot pot combining grilled meat and tom yum kun. Charcoal-grilled gai yan, a staple of Thai street food, is also spicy.

Set of 5 skewers using original spices JPY770 pairs well with drinks. Mu kratha set of pork rib meat and Chinese cabbage with 5 different ingredients JPY1,320


Italian Cuisine

House-made pasta from Italian wheat, and plenty of Italian wines to choose from. Red snow crab and seasonal vegetables. Karasumi mullet roe tagliatelle JPY1,760

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    Fri., Sat, day before holiday 11:30~14:30(LO13:30),
    Sun(Except when the next day is a holiday)
    irregular holidays

Luv Wine Namba

Teppan Hot Plate & Wine Bar

A counter bar for enjoying wine and famous domestic beef from all over Japan. Special select wagyu beef steak of the day from JPY220/10g (picture is 100g). Selections of over 10 wines by the glass to pair with meat.


Original Izakaya

Dine on Tokyo-style sushi and high-quality meats in a cozy environment. An array of toppings of fresh seafood line the showcase, and are put atop rice by the chefs for you to enjoy. Tottori Prefecture A5 Rank Japanese Black Manyogyu is used for steaks and teppan hotplate skewers. Taste its mouthwatering melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness.

A 7-spoon platter of One Spoon Sushi (JPY1,518) is a delight for the eyes as well as the mouth. Sirloin starting at 100g is cut to order for JPY31 per gram, and rump (lean meat) for JPY27 per gram.

Offal Yakiniku Shichifuku Zaura Main Shop

Yakiniku grilled meat

A yakiniku shop offering high-quality skirt steaks and offals at special rates. Offals are specially pretreated in the shop to remove any smell, so that even those who may be squeamish to try it can enjoy it easily. There are also items marinated in garlic salt and spicy sauce available.

Giant roast marinated in sweet and spicy sauce, cut like a ribeye (JPY1,738). Enjoy like sukiyaki, by dipping it in fresh eggs produced in Kyushu. Platter of 3 selections of skirt steak (JPY1,298).

Traditional and heartwarming tastes.

The unchanging tastes offered at the long-standing shops
of Zaura are indispensable treasures.
Such famous old and well-loved shops
at which to enjoy Osaka's tastes will be introduced here.



The owner is the third generation to keep this izakaya, with over 70 years of history among the famous old shops in Zaura. Try the oden on the menu first, or the doteyaki boiled beef tendon, said to have a taste that not even the most frequent of patrons get tired of. These dishes can be enjoyed not just as accompaniments to drinks, but on their own as well.

Daikon radish, tofu skin and boiled egg are among the 11 kinds of oden, each for JPY165. The dashi broth changes each day, using recipes from the time of the shop's founding. Doteyaki beef tendon JPY396 sells out fast.


Yakitori Chicken

A staple yakitori shop with a history of 38 years in Zaura. It has expanded since its founding, with a counter and table seating, enabling many to enjoy. The secret recipe of the slightly sweet tare sauce for the yakitori has continued for years. The taste of the chicken is enhanced by the use of Kamitosa Binchotan charcoal, making for truly irresistible yakitori. Reservations are recommended for weekends.

Tajima-kogen chicken is used. Skewers of minced chicken or liver for JPY140. Write your order on the bill.


Soba Noodles

This soba buckwheat noodle shop makes noodles using soba ground on the shop's own quern stone. The tasty domestic buckwheat is sourced from lands of high quality for buckwheat, unwavering in quality throughout the ages. There is also soba noodle soup made with tomato and soy milk on the original menu, and vegan and gluten-free options are available. Reservations on weekends are recommended.

Handmade 100% soba noodles and tempura for JPY2,320. A set of all-natural giant prawns and vegetables, fried crispy to perfection. 80% soba is also available in addition to the scent and taste of original 100% soba.

Zaura Desserts & Cafes

There's sweets to be had in Zaura
for when you get a little hungry on your stroll.

ENO café


A small cafe offering alcohol in front of the Namba Bus Terminal. In association with the popular Italian bistro PIENO, this cafe primarily serves espresso-based beverages. The most popular dessert is the iced cocoa for JPY500. We recommend adding a topping of thick soft-serve ice cream for +JPY200!

HOMIBING Osaka-Namba

Korean Shaved Ice

Korea's first cafe. The Taiwan-style mango shaved ice is popular. Toppings such as mango and the fluffy texture of the ice make for a showy presentation. There is also honey toast, and more. Fresh Mango Homibing JPY1,430. Soy powder mochi cake honey toast JPY770

A recommended shop
for Halal foods.

Chibo-yaki (JPY2,200) is mixed okonomiyaki with halal Iga beef, shrimp, squid and scallops. Soy hamburger with the texture of authentic meat, prepared with teriyaki sauce.

CHIBO Diversity Dotonbori Bldg. Shop ~Muslim & Vegetarian Friendly~


The famous okonomiyaki specialty shop of Dotonbori has a new Muslim-friendly store. Offering essential Japanese food with certified halal ingredients and spices. There is also a prayer room, and more. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are available, and the shop is becoming a hot topic for the health-conscious.

Special white chicken broth ramen with roast chicken and ground meat miso toppings (JPY1,180).

Osaka Namba Shop


We offer halal ramen which can be eaten by Muslims with peace of mind, as we want to provide ramen, the pride of Japan, to everyone around the world. We are certified halal and our flavorful white chicken broth is made from over 5 hours of stewing. There is also a space for prayer inside the shop.

Osaka Everest Spice Mart
& Halal Food
Namba Parks-mae Store


An import shop run by its Nepalese owner. Selling a wide variety of items, such as spices, beans and rice imported from India, Nepal, Africa and Turkey, as well as detergents, plates and sundries. Selling halal-certified frozen meats, candies, and products in retort pouches.

Many products for microwave cooking. 7 different halal-certified retort pouches of foods such as curry, biryani, dal, and more from JPY650. Rice flakes JPY590 (500g), rice puffs JPY490 (250g). Halal-certified rusks.

What is "Zaura" ?

HISTORYNamba Rakuza and Minami Area

The Shin-Kabukiza Theatre from which HOTEL ROYAL CLASSIC OSAKA was born was cherished for many years as the symbol of this area, famous for its theatrical entertainment. The surrounding streets are adorned with the charming Namba Rakuza signs and gates, giving the neighborhood a special feeling of a secret area. Once widely known as the pleasure quarters of "Namba-shinchi", this area currently grabs attention for its unique proprietors and popular items, as well as its transformation into an unrivaled gourmet paradise. In addition, this area is known for being the site of the "first projected film programme in Japan", and the "first professional performance by a jazz band in Japan", and such culturally and artistically relevant spots in the area make a stroll around highly worthwhile.

AROUNDThe Zaura Triangle

Zaura is the triangular block drawn between the Hanshin Expressway's Loop Route 1 to the west, Midosuji Street to the east, and Sennichimae Street to the north. Like a mystical floating island at the heart of Namba, the block is a condensed cornucopia of over 200 restaurants and bars. Regardless of the time of day, regardless of era, time and time again this triangle attracts beginner bar-goers and veteran foodies alike. Yet, there is an unmistakable friendly nature about this place, and repeaters are commonplace. Rumors of the triangle have spread far and wide in recent times, and sightseers domestic and foreign flock for a taste of its mutual amicability.


Creating Harmony of Time

The long-beloved figure of Namba's Shin-Kabukiza Theatre continues to stand. The distilled vitality and presence of the Theatre make for a hotel in which Past, Present, and Future intertwine, connecting with the hearts of travelers to create a timeless thread of relaxation and service. Born in December of 2019, this exceptional space of sensibility beckons those who look for a place in which time flows a little differently.

Unbeatable Features of the Hotel

Look for the restaurant YURAYURA on the 2nd floor of the hotel. In addition to presenting gorgeous buffet-style selections for lunch and dinner, YURAYURA's desserts cannot be topped.
The bar & lounge KUMOKUMO on the 20th floor is open until midnight, offering a suave atmosphere for the solo traveler and couples and friends alike. KUMOKUMO combines privacy with a spacious night view of east Osaka at which to gaze while enjoying your favorite beverage with your favorite person.
TSUCHI on the 1st floor is a cafe creating new "farm-to-table" foods. Enjoy a bite in this open cafe while facing Midosuji Street.


"*The information provided in this pamphlet is current as of October, 2019. Listed prices include sales tax (10% of the base price). Prices are subject to change.
**Please make inquiries directly to each restaurant. Please confirm opening hours in advance during New Year's Eve/Day holidays and Obon holidays."